Put on a few extra pounds of understanding for the New Year

by Brett Parry on January 2, 2016

Feet on a weighing scale

New Year resolution time again. Notice the conflagration of self help courses designed to finally getting your life together, a lot of them focused around health and fitness? There is a reason for it, most of it marketing. It is has long been proven that the the public is ripe for the picking when it comes to such offerings around this time of year. We know deep down what we are doing wrong and how we can change it, but the reality is harder to accomplish. It takes actual physical effort and discipline surrounding your food choices to lose weight.

However I want to flip things around when it comes to our knowledge, understanding and acceptance of other cultures. So how about this year we all go out and gorge ourselves on the rich and exciting gourmet that is on offer in the world around us. Stuff ourselves full of the sweet, delectable morsels that can be found in really knowing how people from other cultures think, how they do what they do, why they speak what they speak. I know, this also takes some effort too, but really, most of it is mental, you can actually do it in your underwear on your couch, although it is made even better by getting out there and engaging with others. I understand however, that you may be one of those people where you don’t like to taste new things, it can be hard to swallow a new diet when you are comfortable with the same old junk food you’ve been fed all your life. Hate and bigotry is always served in rotten stinking portions that have long supassed their use by dates, and served in pig trough style settings by vile and grubby people with no care for the well being of others. Tell me, is this the kind of life you want to live?

What I have come to know is that a change in your life and business diet brings with it a plethora of benefits. It gets the brain some much needed exercise, building muscles of knowledge. You become a nicer person, you are more attractive, and can find yourself surrounded by positive, engaging people that challenge you to be better every day. You become more successful. You make more money, it kind of happens when you are open more opportunities. Business and profits grow when you can alleviate misunderstanding in negotiations or team interactions. Believe me, I’ve seen it happen (and the corporate world is littered with the results of when it doesn’t) Another, and I think the most important, is that it makes you calmer. I guarantee the kind of peace I know through my work is unattainable by those who wallow in miserable lives of ignorance. You get the idea, eat up.



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