002 – 10 Reasons why you should start your own Intercultural podcast

by Brett Parry on January 15, 2015

1408110199Episode two brings a follow up on my presentation at the 2014 Sietar conference in Portland, OR. There was such huge interest in the information that I offered that I thought it might help to offer it in a podcast episode. Here are the ten tips below, and I expand on each of these points during the podcast.

  1. It’s never been more accessible….. cheaper!
  2. You have your own unique message that the world wants to hear
  3. The medium IS the message
  4. Connect with your audience through the sound of YOUR voice
  5. Establish yourself as an authority, builds trust
  6. Make connections, broaden your reach and opportunity to learn
  7. Time shifted content. Always on record and evergreen
  8. It’s easy for your audience to consume and access your message
  9. You become a much bigger fish in a smaller pond
  10. It’s just plain fun
Following that we have some information on how you can be involved in the upcoming Global Life Summit on January 26th thru 30th. It is being hosted by Cate Brubaker from Small Planet Studio who you can  also hear from in the interview I did with her in the last episode. Your other host will befor the summit is Sabrina Zieglar from Authenizen.com

Other resources referred to in this episode include:

Podcaster Academy. Everything you need to set up and begin your very own podcast
Global Life Summit. Coming up from January 26th thru 30th.
Connect with Brett via email, brett@downunderandbeyond.com. Connect with us on Facebook or Twitter

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