002 – 10 Reasons why you should start your own Intercultural podcast

January 15, 2015

Episode two brings a follow up on my presentation at the 2014 Sietar conference in Portland, OR. There was such huge interest in the information that I offered that I thought it might help to offer it in a podcast episode. Here are the ten tips below, and I expand on each of these points during […]

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001 – Sietar USA Conference review. Cate Brubaker and Naomi Ludeman Smith

November 20, 2014

Welcome to the very first full episode of Cross-Cultural Pro’s. In this episode, we chat with Cate Brubaker and Naomi Ludeman Smith for a review of the 2014 annual Sietar conference for Interculturalists, held during October in Portland, OR. Find out about Sietar itself and hear some of the great happenings at the conference, along […]

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000 – Cross-Cultural Pro’s Launch Episode

October 11, 2014

Welcome to the launch of the Cross-Cultural Pro’s Podcast. This episode announces the goal of building a global community of Intercultural Professionals that can network together to share resources for developing a successful Cross-Cultural Coaching business. You are invited to become an active member and learn with us together. www.facebook.com/crossculturalpros

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